• Ultimate Connection Zouk Party & Workshop

    3 April 2015, 10pm-2am
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  • Miami Ice Zouk Party


    It’s time to bring the heat to Toronto in celebration of the I’M ZOUK – International Miami Zouk Festival! Bring your hottest Miami-inspired clothes. Wear fun beachwear, bright patterns, or your best ‘Miami Vice’ 90′s gear – whatever makes you feel the heat while we break our Toronto deep freeze.

    Tunes will be supplied by our very own DJ Darius, and there will be free multi-level lessons from 9:30-10:15!

    Come bring the Zouk heat, Toronto!

    Where: Dovercourt House, 3rd Floor (805 Dovercourt Road)
    Time: 9:30-10:15pm Lesson; 10:15pm-2am Dance
    Cost: $8; Lesson is Free
    Optional Dress Code: Miami!

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  • Cirque du Zouk at Canada Zouk Congress

    dZouk Productions announced the addition of “Cirque du Zouk” to Canada Zouk Congress. This will be the world’s first Zouk Circus production. For details visit the event website.

  • Glitter and Glamour Zouk Party 2

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  • dZouk Represents at Dutch Zouk Congress

    dZouk Productions represented Canada at the 3rd Dutch International Zouk congress in Breda, Holland.
    This was the largest Zouk event in the world with attendance of 1,000 participants from all over the globe.
    dZouk represented on stage and by teaching their signature musicality workshop. dZouk also assembled the “Zouk Team Canada” to travel with them.


  • Net & Lace Zouk Party

    17 Oct 2014, 10:30pm-2am
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  • Free Zouk Safety Workshop

    17 Oct 2014, 9-10:30pm Dovercourt House
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  • dZouk Announces Canada Zouk Congress 2015

    On it’s 4 year anniversary, dZouk Productions announced organizing the first Canada Zouk Congress featuring Freddy & Andressa (Brazil/Finland) and Mafie Zouker (Brazil). This congress will be held in Toronto on May 13-17, 2015.
    For details visit official website: www.CanadaZouk.com
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  • First Annual dZouk Recognition Awards

    dZouk Production celebrated its 4 year anniversary in Toronto. At this event dZouk announced it annual recognition award to major contributor to the Brazilian Community in Canada.

    The recipients of the 2014 awards were:
    - Renata Lisa Rodrigues
    Dedication to growing Brazilian Zouk as the first Zouk Instructor in Toronto
    - Valentin Danci
    Dedication to growing Brazilian Zouk and establishing the first Zouk community in Toronto
    - Anton Grouza
    Dedication to growing Brazilian Zouk as the first Zouk social organizer in Toronto
    - Stephanie Gurnon
    Dedication to growing Brazilian Zouk as the first event organizer to showcase Zouk on stage in Toronto
    - Interfusion Danse
    Dedication to growing Brazilian Zouk as the pioneer to promote Zouk in Montreal
    - Brazil DanceWorld
    Dedication to establishing Brazilian Zouk and promoting international artists in Toronto
    - Mazouka Dance
    Dedication to growing Brazilian Zouk in Toronto and their vision for the North American Zouk Exchange
    - Kaylyn Morton
    Dedication to promoting Brazilian Zouk as the first Canadian Zouk performer and representing Toronto internationally
    - Laura Riva
    Dedication to growing Brazilian Zouk in Toronto and contributions to the “See Inside Me” dance production
    - Davy Badian
    Dedication to promoting Brazilian Zouk in Toronto and contributions to the Vision Dance Encounter

  • dZouk Productions 4 Year Anniversary Party


    dZouk Productions is celebrating its 4 year anniversary with Mafie Zouker in Toronto.

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