Zouk for Nepal Party


On April 25, Nepal was ravaged by a huge earthquake. Aid is desperately needed, and the world has rallied to help Nepal. We are dedicating our next Zouk party to bring the community together for this important cause. Let’s do our part to help rebuild Nepal. From every $10 cover $4 will be donated to the Nepali relief effort.

Before the party, join dZouk’s Darius and Laura for the groundbreaking ‘Zouk Improv’ workshop and the FREE mini-private Zouk ‘Tune-Up’.

What they’re about:
**Free Mini-Private Zouk Tune-Up:**
Got a question about a movement, technique or concept? Want some feedback before Canada Zouk Congress? Drop in between 7 and 8 pm to get FREE personal attention from Darius or Laura to help fine-tune your Zouk. (Message us beforehand for a guaranteed slot)

**Zouk Improv Workshop**
If you LOVED our Ultimate Connection workshop, you’ve got to be here for this!

LEADS: Learn how to truly make the music and dance your own through acceleration, deceleration, and creating your own unique movements and flow! Reach new heights of creativity, and make your dance more interesting for both you and your follow.
FOLLOWS: Learn how to follow while maintaining your own flair, and strategies you can use to follow non-traditional, creative movements from any lead! Move towards becoming the follow that can ‘follow everything’.

(This workshop is best suited for people who are already comfortable social dancing Zouk.)

7-8pm: FREE Mini-Private Zouk Tune-Up
8-10pm: ZOUK IMPROV Workshop
10pm-2am: Zouk for Nepal Party

$20 Lesson (incl. party)
$10 Party Only
*$4 from every Lesson or Party purchase will be donated to the Nepali relief effort.

Where: Dovercourt House, 3rd Floor. 805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto

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