New Series Starting: Beginner Zouk and Upper Body Movements

ZU Cover Photo

Want to learn more about beautiful Brazilian Zouk? Join dZouk Productions starting February 7, 2016!  Both series run 4-6 pm on Sundays in February

Beginners: Zouk 101:
Learn how to get into the flow of Brazilian Zouk! In 4 weeks, learn how to perform the foundations you need to social dance! Includes FREE Zouk no T.O. socials for 1 month AND unlimited Zouk 101 re-takes

Not sure if you want to jump in? Try it for FREE on February 7th!
Special Offer: 2-for-1: Bring a partner, pay only one course fee!

Zouk 301: Upper Body Movement and Isolations
You’ve seen the videos, and have your footwork down. Come join dZouk Productions and learn how to move your upper body in all those fantastic Zouk movements! Take the course on its own, or enroll at Zouk University: get 6 months of free Zouk socials AND unlimited retakes!

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