About Us

dZouk Productions has been the pioneer dance troupe for bringing Brazilian Zouk on stage in Canada. Under the direction of founder and artistic director Darius Zi, they have represented Canada internationally on four continents since 2010. dZouk’s work is well known for its creativity, originality and musicality. dZouk offers educational programs and workshops locally and internationally, as well as the first program for blind and partially sighted individuals to learn Zouk.

dZouk Productions is the organizer of both Canada Zouk Congress and Vision Dance Encounter: the first Zouk/West Coast Swing fusion event in North America. dZouk also trains blind Zouk dancers and produces world-class dance productions. These include ‘See Inside Me’ and ‘Cirque du Zouk’.


  • to promote and grow Zouk Lambada dancing in Canada and showcase our talent internationally.


  • to create awareness of Zouk Lambada and inspire dancers of all ages and backgrounds to embrace this beautiful Latin dance, and;
  • to make a difference through dance.


  • to collaborate with artists and dance schools of all genres,
  • to bring Brazilian Zouk to blind and partially sighted individuals,
  • to develop and implement world-class innovative training programmes, and;
  • to create inspiring and memorable dance events and productions.


  • to develop and execute dance choreography, workshops and education programs.