dZoukĀ is Canada’s first professional Zouk Lambada dance group based in Toronto Ontario.

Our principal dancers are experienced in dance productions, training, choreography, competitions, stagework, makeup artistry, TV programs, playing instruments and solid partner-work in Latin dances such as Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing and Bachata.

Our Vision Dancers are the first blind or partially sighted Brazilian Zouk dancers in the world. They will be debuting their first choreographed performance in Vision Dance Encounter’s “Vision Gala”.

Artistic Director/Founder:

Darius Zi

Sr. Instructors/Directors:

Darius, Laura

Jr. Instructors:

Arthur, Alyona

Class Assistants:

Caitlin, Colin

Principal Dancers on Tour:

Arthur, Darius, Kaylyn, Laura, Monika, Adam, Alyona and Grace

Student Dancers on Tour:

Colin, Caitlin, Francois, Jazmine, Maysa, Ken, Shravan, andĀ Joupin

Vision Dancers:

Alicia, Brandon, George, Kamini, and Ramya

Alumni Dancers:

Stam, Dana, Steven, Susan, Mike, Michael, Angela, Claudio, Danielle, Ligia, Davy, Donny, Farrah, Sofia, Alicja, Rony, Hamid, Leon, Glen, Flavia, Linda, April, Steve, Joupin, Natalia, Olga, Sarah, Sawako, Silvana, Sebastian, Shruthi, Wesley, Stephanie, Tina, Orlando, Mira, Jude, Nanda, and Yuri.