• dZouk Vision Dancers to Compete Internationally


    ‪On Sep 26th 2015, Vision Dancers‬ George Quarcoo and Ramya Amuthan competed in World Latin Dance Cup (WLDC) Limitless Division and got qualified for finals in December held in Miami. According to the event organizer Albert Torres, George and Ramya are the first visually impaired couple competing at WLDC. Albert stated that WLDC is the world’s largest Latin dance competition covered by ESPN with 5 cameras broadcasted live to 50 countries with over 50 million viewers.

    George and Ramya are the world’s first blind Zouk dancers trained by dZouk coaches Darius Zi & Laura Riva based in Toronto. “We are very proud of them. This is a huge breakthrough for both the dance and the blind communities!” said Darius Zi the mastermind behind the Vision Dance program. “We can’t wait to see them get the international exposure and inspire other coaches to work with the blind”.