“See Inside Me” Dance Production

The brainchild of Darius Zi, “See Inside Me” is a full-scale professional-level dance production that utilizes elements of both theatre and dance. A fundraiser for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the show features guest artists, the dZouk Troupe dancers, the blind Vision Dancers, and more!

The production tells the story of a young woman named Nikki who is learning to come to terms with her vision loss. Compelling, moving and inspiring, the audience will follow her journey as she navigates the challenges of adolescence compounded by living as a blind woman. A powerful coming-of-age story, this production is not to be missed!

dZouk is going on tour, and “See Inside Me” has its own website to let you know all the details!


“Just Desserts/The High School”
Choreographer: Darius
Dancers: dTroupe ft. Laura and Darius
Music: “Just Desserts” Marina and the Diamonds

Vision Dance Encounter-Vision Gala

Guest Artist (Subject to Change): “Gravity/The Break Up”
Choreographer: Jordan and Tatiana
Dancers: Jordan and Tatiana
Music: “Gravity” Sarah Barailles

Vision Dance Encounter-Vision Gala

“The Subway”
Choreographer: Darius
Dancers: dZouk Troupe B (Student Dancers) ft. Farrah and Vision Dancer Brandon
Music: “Violin II” Calado (Original: Lindsay Sterling)

Vision Dance Encounter-Vision Gala

“The Mannequins”
Choreographer: Darius
Dancers: dZouk Troupe
Music: “Wax”

Vision Dance Encounter-Vision Gala

“See Inside Me”
Choreographer: Darius
Dancers: Darius and Laura
Music: “Inside My Love” Delilah


Guest Artist (Subject to Change): “A Nossa Musica (Our Song)”
Choreographer: Kadu and Larissa
Dancers: Kadu and Larissa
Music: “a Nossa Musica” Paulo Mac (Acoustic Version)

Vision Dance Encounter-Vision Gala
“See Inside Us”
Choreographer: Darius
Dancers: Vision Dancers George and Ramya
Music: “Inside My Love” Zouk Remix
Vision Dance Encounter-Vision Gala

Shadow Dancers/Choreographers:

  • Laura and Davy

Script and Voiceovers:

  • Laura Riva