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Zouk for the Blind Social Dance Program

“Zouk for Blind Dancers” is the first Brazilian Zouk social dance program for blind and partially sighted individuals.

Instructors of the program have a strong background in kinesthetic and auditory teaching theory, as well as an extensive background in teaching social dance. This program has already been implemented with great reviews from participants. Created with the support of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, this program has proven to be a great rehabilitation and social experience. Participants have cited the program as:

  • An amazing confidence booster
  • A great social activity to be out in the larger community
  • Beneficial for co-ordination and spatial awareness
  • Tons of fun

As part of the Vision Social Dance Program, participants are taught in small groups how to safely execute Zouk movements. Vision Dancers are also invited out to regular Zouk parties with other dancers to improve their skills, meet people, and be part of Toronto’s larger Zouk community.

Dancers in this program have also showcased their talent and social Zouk skills at CNIB and Zouk community events.

For more information, to register, or refer someone to our program, please contact us.

Vision Performance Program

The Vision Performance Program is the first Brazilian Zouk performance program for blind and partially sighted individuals. The first Vision Performers debuted their choreography at Vision Dance Encounter in May 2014.

Since the first performance, the Vision Dancers have performed at:

  • Canada Zouk Congress
  • Vision Dance Encounter
  • World Latin Dance Cup
  • Latin Energy Gala
  • Ontario’s Celebration Zone at the PanAm Games
  • Lions Gala

The Vision Performance Program runs concurrently with the Zouk for Blind Dancers program. Participants in the Performance Program are also invited to and should take the Social Program to round out their Zouk skills.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a Vision Performer, please contact us. Admission is by audition only.

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