Zouk University

What We Offer

dZouk offers both drop-in classes and and Zouk University progressive programs.

Drop-In Classes

Drop-in classes cover a new topic each week. Our multi-level classes mean that you will always be grouped together with people who have a similar skill level. They are a great option for students who are looking to:

  • Give Zouk a try for the first time
  • Are coming back after a long break
  • Have unpredictable schedules
  • Want to learn Zouk, but are looking for flexibility
  • Enjoy learning new material each week

These 1-hour classes happen every Sunday 6:30-7:30  before the Zouk no T.O. social. For only $10, you can learn Zouk and join the Zouk no T.O. social after the class!

Zouk University programs

Zouk University classes are taken as a structured program, with every week building on previously developed skills. It is perfect for people who are:

  • Want to become strong, technical social dancers
  • Prefer a weekly class that builds on previously-learned techniques
  • Enjoy in-depth learning experiences

Why Zouk University?

We created “Zouk University” because we wanted to focus on educating a higher level of social dancer. Our program focuses on giving you the tools and support to become a great dancer, rather than an endless cycle of private and group classes. It features small class sizes, personalized attention, and regular updates on your progress.

Plus, re-takes are free! You’re always welcome to come back and review the basics – which will help you become a better social dancer.

 What Our “Degrees” Mean:

Undergraduate: Masters:  PhD:
Grow from Beginner to Intermediate.

Designed to make you a good social dancer, with a solid understanding of Zouk technique, timing, and partner connection.

Grow from Intermediate to Advanced.

Designed to move you from Intermediate to Advanced. Explores advanced Zouk technique, musicality, and creativity.

Learn advanced connection, technique, and creativity on an ongoing basis.

Designed to make you a highly desired, technical, and creative social dancer.



Program Structure:

Degree Course Topics Progression Sessions and Dates
Drop-In New topic each week, focusing on:

  • Connection & Technique
  • Effective Social Dance Patterns

Class is divided by level.
Each level will cover their own material.

(all levels)
Starts January 15, 2017
1 hour class

Beginners Welcome! 
  • Zouk Foundations
  • Basic Patterns
  • Connection
  • Posture & Frame
  • Transitions
  • Spins & Turns
  • Isolations & Body Rolls
  • Intro to Upper Body Movement
  • Music & Timing
  • Floorcraft & Safety
Beginner to Intermediate Feb – Apr
12 week course
2 hour class
1 class per week

Beginners Welcome!

  • Refining the Foundations
  • Connection & Frame
  • Basic Pattern Variations
  • Intermediate Upper Body Movement
  • Intermediate Isolations & Body Rolls
  • Tilted Turns & Spins
  • Musicality
  • Intro to Contact
  • Cambre & Dips
  • Simple Tricks
to Advanced
Ongoing course
2 hour class
1 class per weekRequires Instructor Approval
  • Creating your own Movements
  • Refining the Basics (even more!)
  • Complex Patterns
  • Improvisation and Music Interpretation
  • Connection
  • Advanced Upper Body Movement
  • Advanced Tilted Turns & Spins
  • Social Dance Tricks
Advanced + Thursdays
Ongoing course
2 hour class
1 class per weekRequires Instructor Approval




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