dConfirmed Events

NYC Zouk Festival October 6-9 2017 NYC, USA
( )

Dutch International Zouk Congress October 18-25 2017 Breda, NL
( )


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I’M Zouk Festival March 2-6 2017 Miami, USA
Darius, Laura, Alyona

Prague Zouk Congress March 28 – April 3 2017 Prague, Czech Republic
Darius, Laura

L.A. Zouk Congress April 28 – May 1 2017 L.A., USA
Darius, Laura, Alyona, Shravan, Arthur, Kaylyn, Shasta

Canada Zouk Congress May 17-22 2017 Toronto, Canada
dTroupe; CdZ Cast


International Miami Zouk Festival Mar 4-7 2016; Miami, Florida
Darius, Laura and Kaylyn

L.A. Zouk Congress April 30 – May 4 2016; L.A., USA
Darius, Laura and Kaylyn

Canada Zouk Congress May 18-23 2016 Toronto, Canada
dTroupe; CdZ Cast

NYC Zouk Festival Oct 14-17 2016 NYC, USA
Darius, Laura and Kaylyn

Dutch International Zouk Congress Oct 29-Nov 3; Breda, Holland
Darius and Laura

Zouk Playfulness Immersion Weekend Dec 9-11 2016 Edmonton, Canada
Darius and Laura


Armada Zouk Dec. 5-6; Knoxville, USA
Laura Riva

Boston Brazilian Dance Festival Nov. 17-20; Boston, USA
Darius and Kaylyn

Dutch International Zouk Congress Oct 29-Nov 3; Breda, Holland
Darius, Laura, Arthur, Kaylyn, Shravan, Nanda

Helsinki Zouk Festival October 23-25; Helsinki, Finland
Darius, Laura, Arthur, Shravan, Nanda

Fall For Zouk October 16-18; New York, New York
Darius and Laura

Vision Dance Encounter Oct 2-4; Toronto, Canada
Entire cast; Organized by Darius and Laura

Toronto International Bachata Festival Toronto, Canada
Darius, Laura, and Kaylyn

Zouk Night Love August 28-30; Mexico
Darius, Laura, and Kaylyn

Get Your Zouk On August; Montreal, Canada
Darius and Laura

Canada Zouk Congress May 15-17 2015 Toronto, Canada )
Entire Cast; Organized by Darius and Laura

International Miami Zouk Festival Mar 6-9 2015 Miami, Florida
( )
Darius, Laura, Davy, Natalia, Arthur, Kaylyn, Olga


“See Inside Me” Dance Production Dec 19 2014 Markham Flato Theatre
Entire Cast ( )

Dutch Zouk Congress Oct 23-27 2014 Breda, Holland
Darius & Natalia

BONDing Over Zouk Oct 4-5 Toronto, Canada
Laura, Natalia, Sofia & Kaylyn

Fall For Zouk Sep 26-28 New York City, USA
Laura, Kaylyn, Davy, Natalia & Darius

Millikin Mills Lions Club Gala Sep 20, 2014 Markham, Canada
Darius & Laura, George & Ramya

“Get Your Zouk On” Weekend Sep 1-4, 2014 Montreal, Canada
Davy & Natalia

Anglican Diocese of London May 26 2014 London, Canada
Darius & Laura, Davy & Natalia, George & Ramya, ft. guest artist Mafie Zouker

Vision Dance Encounter  May 16-19 2014  Toronto, Canada   (Event organized by dZouk)
dZouk Dance Troupe
Darius & Laura
dZouk Student Dance Troupe
dZouk Vision Dancers

Toronto Bachata Festival Feb 21-23 2014 Toronto, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe


 Canada Salsa Congress  Oct 9-13 2013 Toronto, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe

Amsterdam Zouk Congress Aug 28-Sep 1 2013  Amsterdam, Holland
dZouk Dance Troupe

dZouk Workshops in Germany  Aug 26-28 2013  Dresden, Germany

Bachaturo Festival  Aug 23-25 2013  Warsaw, Poland
DJ Darius and Laura

Russian Zouk Congress  Aug 9-12 2013  St. Petersburg, Russia
DJ Darius

Interfusion Dance Congress  Jun 27- Jul 1 2013  Montreal, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe

 North American Zouk Exchange  May 31- Jun 2 2013  Toronto, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe

Brazilian Beat Congress  Apr 18-21 2013  Toronto, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe

Prague Zouk Congress  Mar 27-30 2013  Prague, Czeck Republic
dZouk Dance Troupe

Toronto Bachata Festival Feb 14-17 2013 Toronto, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe


Toronto Salsa Ball  Dec 31 2012 Toronto, Canada
Darius & LauraCanada Salsa Congress  Oct 4-8 2012 Toronto, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe
Toronto Bachata and Zouk Festival  Feb 17-19 2012 Toronto, Canada
Darius & Kaylyn
Rio International Zouk Lambada Congress  Jan 5-8 2012 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Darius & Kaylyn



Toronto Salsa Ball  Dec 31 2011 Toronto, Canada
Darius & Kaylyn

Montreal Bachata and Zouk Festival  Nov 5-6 2011 Montreal, Canada
Darius & Kaylyn
dZouk Dance Troupe

Canada Salsa Congress  Oct 6-10 2011 Toronto, Canada
dZouk Dance Troupe
Zouk Project – GDM Student Group

Amsterdam Zouk Congress Aug 25-28 2011 Amsterdam, Holland
Darius & Kaylyn

Prague Zouk Congress  Aug 11-14 2011 Prague, Czeck Republic
Darius & Kaylyn

Vancouver Salsa Festival  Mar 2011 Vancouver, Canada
Darius & Kaylyn

Toronto Bachata and Zouk Festival  Feb 17-19 2011 Toronto, Canada
Darius & Kaylyn