West Coast Swing for Zoukers

West Coast Swing is fast becoming the perfect sister dance to Brazilian Zouk. Our classes are primarily geared at introducing current Zoukers to another complimentary style of dance. Each session is 4 2-hour classes, designed to get you up and swinging as fast as possible.

When West Coast Swing and Zouk are fused, it is called ‘Swouk’. All the Zouk stars are jumping on board! Kadu & Larissa, Kamacho, and Renata Pecanha & Jorge Pires are just some of the big names getting involved with the trend. Below you will find a sneak peek of Larissa dancing West Coast Swing with Arthur and Darius of dZouk Productions.

Taught by local West Coast Swing – Zouk crossover extraordinaire Arthur Yuen, this class is sure to be full of fun, laughs, and major content.

Next Class: TBA