Why should I learn Zouk?

dZouk-Productions-Why-Should-I-Dance-Zouk-Class-Toronto-CanadaBrazilian Zouk is an internationally growing dance that is taking the world by storm. Born in a Brazilian ballroom in the 1980’s, Zouk has flown beyond its humble origins into a fully-fledged dance phenomenon with a large following in Europe and South America. In Australia and Holland, the dance rivals Salsa in popularity! So, why should you dance Zouk? Dancers frequently cite many areas in their lives that have been improved through Zouk, including:

  • Confidence: No Drinks Required!
  • Co-ordination (No, you don’t have two left feet!)
  • Flexibility & Strength – minus the gym

Dance is also a great hobby to add to your life. Zouk can give you:

  • A fun and fulfilling social activity,
  • A way to connect with great new friends seeking to enjoy life; and,
  • The chance to master a new form of physical expression!

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If you need some more encouragement, below are a few in-depth ways your life that can benefit from dance.

The Music

Zouk can be danced to a wide variety of music, much of which is in English and currently played on the radio. Zouk DJ’s frequently remix their favourite songs. As a result, most dancers find the music highly relatable and enjoy listening to it both on and off the dance floor.

The Environment

dZouk-Productions-Learn-Social-Dancing-Zouk-in-Toronto-Zouk gives you the opportunity to physically connect with partners on the dance floor in a fun, feel-good way – without the pressure of a bar or club environment. When you become a social dancer, you can walk into a room and feel perfectly at home with all the people. Most social dancers come to think of the dance community as their “dance family”, developing strong bonds and friendships. Additionally, unlike traditional clubs and bars, there is no need to spend tons of money on alcohol. As a matter of fact, few people in Zouk drink and dance. Most socials welcome people to bring their own water, or offer free water at the event itself. It is a largely non-judgemental, safe space where anyone can feel at home.

Social Benefits

dZouk-Productions-Social-Dancing-Zouk-Toronto-Friendship-Over-DanceFor single dancers, Zouk gives you an opportunity to meet a wealth of people to connect and have fun with. For couples, it presents the opportunity to expand your social network, develop a common interest, learn something fun, and learn how to connect with each other on yet another level. ┬áRegardless of your relationship status, you’ll meet people from all backgrounds, ages and experiences. Dancers frequently meet up for food or other events, both off the dance floor or immediately after socials.


(For the Guys:) Its Not Your Mother/Sisters Dance

dZouk-Productions-Physical-Mental-Fitness-Social-Dancing-Zouk-Toronto There is nothing quite like a man who can dance with his partner. For many men, dance is seen as an activity that is primarily for the ladies. In Zouk, you can be strong and masculine while connecting with partners who are happy to dance with you. As some of our male students have said, Zouk is more like a fun connection between two people than classical dancing, like ballet or waltz. And, if you can lead on the dance floor, you will likely be seen as more attractive!



Physical and Mental Fitness

Zouk promotes flexibility, strength, memory, improvisation, musical interpretation, and more! If you dislike gyms or traditional modes of fitness, dance offers an alternative. Dance has been shown to improve memory, co-ordination and several other areas, in addition to all of the other social benefits.

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